Dealing With Death

There is something that I’ve been trying to deal with for a long time now and that I have been using the counselling for. I’ve made big strides in learning how to cope with it and I am coming to terms with it. Now just to clear it up, my Mum is not dead but […]

A Strange Sensation

I’ve blogged about my weird, recurring dreams before. They plagued my childhood and it’s only recently I kind of understand why i had them and where they were coming from. I used to have this really weird one where I was in my tiny bedroom which had somehow grown to gigantic proportions. I was sat […]

Hope For Now

Ah Lads this song is beautiful. I can never say enough how much I look up to Dallas Green, he seems to write all his songs about me. Either that or he is as much of a damaged maniac as I am. Either way give this a listen. This hallway’s dark and empty Just miles […]

Work Escapes Me

Not having a job is really annoying. It is incredibly frustrating and there is nothing to do with your day. No matter how hard I try to keep myself busy and to maintain a certain amount of energy expenditure every day, sometimes I get so pissed off and frustrated that I can’t really do anything. […]

Keep Me Warm

Keep Me Warm This is a song I wrote a while ago. Again recorded it on poor equipment (also apologise for the wee fuck up in the middle). It’s weird that I wrote it with a time like this in my life in mind, before it ever happened. Hypothetical at the time yet completely fitting […]

An Epiphany…

Yesterday was my first day back to counselling in three weeks. The guy I see takes a fair bit of time off over Christmas (he’s an academic as well, and does a lot of research into why North and West Belfast have such high suicide rates, the highest in Europe) so I was kind of […]

Why I Am The Way I Am

I’ve talked about the serious body image and self esteem issues I have before. I mean, with an ileostomy bag and stoma it is difficult not to have these but, to be honest, that has never been my main issue. The main issue has always been my struggles with my weight. I’ve said before that […]