De Ja Vú

As I said in my previous post, I’ve had a recent set back with regards to my health. A set back that feels like I brought Doc Brown’s Delorian back to 2003. For the last while, I have felt pretty sub par. I was getting pretty bad bouts of nausea, my appetite was waining and […]

Jesus, it’s been a while…

I’m back! I decided last year to take a little break from the blog, concentrate on getting my shit together. Well that little break turned into a looooong fucking time which probably has as much to do with my world class procrastination skills as anything else. So apologies. In the mean time, I got my […]

Dealing With Death

There is something that I’ve been trying to deal with for a long time now and that I have been using the counselling for. I’ve made big strides in learning how to cope with it and I am coming to terms with it. Now just to clear it up, my Mum is not dead but […]

Getting Back On The Wagon

Last week was an odd one for me, tough. Emotionally I was fine but I (once again) got sick. My clubs first hurling session of the year was last Sunday and I’ve decided to make a big commitment to it this year, and was there bright and early and busting to go. The problem was, […]