Today’s The Day

Today was good. I haven’t said since way before Christmas, but for some reason it was. I still have the flu, but I felt better today physically than I have in a week. I’ve been trying really hard to lose weight and I hit my 2 stone milestone. I said before Christmas that I’d like to hit it by the end of January and I’ve hit it almost 4 weeks early. I’m really proud of myself. I decided that doing things alone isn’t going to hold me back, so I went to the Giants Hockey game on my own. I used to go with the girlfriend and another friend before we broke up, and since we have I haven’t been. It was their thing, I just tagged along and got hooked and I’ve really missed them. They got hammered and played terrible but it was excellent just getting out of the house and doing something I know I enjoy. 

While I was waiting on my lift I bumped into the former girlfriend with her two sister and my other two friends. It was nice. We chatted shite about the hockey game and when she seen me she smiled. She has a beautiful smile, and seeing it made me feel good. When we were together her smile always made me feel this warmth that nothing else matched, and I kind of felt that tonight when I seen her.

It wasn’t a day of any significance, I didn’t do much and it didn’t have much to it but it was better. My Christmas blues seem to be passing and I think today is the first day of this year for me. I’ve set myself more weight loss goals. I’m hoping to have lost another two stone by the end of March, maybe even sooner. I’m going to start saving money again from next week, I still have plans to go away and go travelling, to see the world even if it’s only a bit at a time. The girlfriend and I planned to do it together and it was really important to me, so I’ve decided to do it irregardless of what the future holds.

Today was a better day, and I’m happy it was.


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