I Gots a Tattoo

So yeah. The title pretty much explains it. I got a tattoo. After years of longing for one, and either a lack of money or a lack of conviction towards the process, I finally got one. 

It’s been in the works for years. I’ve always loved Body Mod (to an extent). I love tattoo art and always had a lot of ideas as to what I wanted, I couldn’t settle on one idea and several I had were rejected by my girlfriend because she didn’t like them. For years I always wanted a Radiohead Scary bear (it originated in the Artwork for Kid A) but she said they freaked her out so I never got it. To be honest now I probably wouldn’t go back to it even though we broke up because her opinion means a lot to me still. 

A lot of the ideas I have for tattoos are inspired by my favourite pieces of art and from music. Music is my first love and that’s why I always wanted one based upon my love of music and different songs and albums from bands that mean a lot to me. Music has helped me get through some rough times and I find solace in most of it’s facets. That’s why I’ve decided to turn my first tattoo into a sleeve based on music and the art that accompanies it.

The piece of art I decided on is from the cover of the Old Crows/Young Cardinals album by Alexisonfire. I absolutely love this band, they’re in my Top 3 and they have great album art. The cover of the album has a beautiful Bright Red Cardinal perching on a branch, so I got that tattooed on my forearm. I’m really happy with it. I mean, the original is incredibly detailed and that is very difficult to transfer over into a tattoo, but all things considered it looks great. It’s finally healing up properly (bar one or two little bits that are being stubborn) and it’s looking good. To make it all the better, I had it done my a friend of my da’s with a great discount on it. There are fewer things that I enjoy than telling people I had it done by a Rockabilly man in his 60’s, with his hair slicked back and a handle bar moustache, who was wearing crocodile skin boots. He is an excellent artist, and excels at Japanese stuff, so if your in Belfast and looking for a tattoo I would wholly recommend Johnny Venus on Gresham St. It is above a porn shop called Gresham Tapes (Tapes, seriously, what year is this) but don’t be put off by it.


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