Social “Welfare”

I am unemployed. It is a sad fact but I am. I had to leave my job (which I hated) last year because I had a complete nervous breakdown. It was such a huge contributor to my unhappiness that I couldn’t face going back. I had no other choice but to apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) from the Government which is a benefit specifically for people suffering from illness and/or disability. The Government thinks that £134 every fortnight is enough money to support an individual who cannot work due to health issues. I am also entitled to DLA, but my sum total income every month isn’t much over £500 (I do alot better than some others because of my disability). I have bills, I have rent, I have living expenses. Add Christmas with 2 God children, 2 other nephews and 3 birthdays within two weeks of Christmas into the equation and that’s a lot of pressure on my income and, quite frankly, no where near enough for me to live like a normal person.

I still live at home, mainly because I can’t afford to move out and support myself, yet despite this I still struggle. I have to contribute to the household (both my parents are pensioners now) So a large chunk of my money comes into the house to pay bills. I buy most of my own food and look after all my other needs and amenities, so basically I live a very frugal existence.

Being on ESA, you would think that the Government would be willing to look after people who are ill or disabled a bit more than others who refuse to work and keep producing children. Unfortunately this is not the case. I am not eligible for any grants nor am I eligible for the vast majority of loans they provide. They say I am eligible for these loans but 3 of their own employees have told me that people on the benefit I’m on tend to not be accepted for them. Today I was going to apply for a crisis loan, but was told the most they could offer me was £13.60. What kind of monetary crisis could possibly be solved with 13 fucking pound 60?!

I have been looking for work, but with the current job climate there is nothing. I get rejected or ignored by the vast majority of employers I apply to. I may have work sorted with my Cousin soon but I am depending on a lot of variables coming into place with that and I can’t wholly depend on that yet. I am dependent on the Government who I have paid large amounts of tax and national insurance to over the last 6 years to help me and repay me in kind, but they do nothing. They’ve even tried to remove my benefit saying that depression, anxiety, an ileostomy bag and severe digestive problems weren’t reason enough to pay me ESA, and that I would have to go on job seekers allowance. If I didn’t find a job within 3 months they would cut me off. I appealed and got back on ESA, but they still haven’t sorted it out.

The British Government treat all those dependent on Social Welfare like shit, irregardless of their position or intent. I struggle and struggle from day to day with no money hoping I’ll get a miracle from somewhere. But they do not care. The fact that they are trying to cut 12 billion from the social welfare budget, despite the fact there are so many people jobless and in financial trouble, just astounds me. This Tory Government do not give two flying fucks about us, the working classes are just the plebs who pay their fucking wages. All they care about are profit margins and looking after their Old Oxbridge buddies in the City and elsewhere.

Then there’s the stigma that comes along with being unemployed and on benefits (which is, in my opinion, a result of negative propaganda put forward by this and previous Governments that all people on the dole are leeches on our society). When you tell people you don’t work or you’re on benefits, regardless of what position you’re in, they judge you. Even those closest to me have done this, and quite frankly broke my heart because they thought I didn’t care and was happy enough to sit on benefits and not try to look for work.

The sad fact is, very few Governments or Politicians in this world do enough to support the vulnerable in society, the poor and the sick, the old and infirm, yet they try repeatedly to take away what little they give them in the first place. If it wasn’t for my family I’d be homeless and hungry. Watching our world consume itself with greed, all these huge corporations not paying tax and these Fat Cat’s in London, New York and where ever else getting away with losing trillions of dollars and being bailed out has made me even more cynical than I was before. I spend most of my time at home because I have no money to go anywhere or do anything, yet they continually try to take what little I get away from me and refuse to help me when I really need it. I am sitting and waiting on the day the revolution comes so the Anarchist in me can help rid the world of these horrible people. Sad thing is, so few people actually care that I think it’s never going to come and this heartbreaking, capitalist piece of shit world we live in will go on shitting on people like me with nothing.


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