Vidya gamin- It’s da Bomb Yo

God I love video games. I mean I really fucking love them. They’re great. Some have amazingly intricate narratives, twists and turns at every juncture, others are just mindless fun and enjoyment. They have a lot of parallels with cinema, but they put you in control. I think that’s why I love them so much.

They’re a great distractor when you need it. They can be an outstanding form of escapism. They allow me to do things that I couldn’t possibly do in real life. Or that if I did in real life I’d get hard time for. I mean, I can’t be made of minced beef like Super Meat Boy. I’m not going to be a Spec Op’s bad man like Soap McTavish. I’m not gonna be a fucking assassin ninja motherfucker, and a suave one to boot, like Ezio Di Auditore da Firenze. In real life I can’t cut someone’s head off (not that I want to or anything) nor can I fight like someone with super powers. I can’t create fire with my hands, but I can in video games.

I don’t accept that they have had a negative effect on youth. I don’t believe they make people kill other people or do horrible things. People who don’t play video games do these things probably more than those who do. It’s the same way that music was blamed for much in the 80s, how metal and gangsta rap were made the scapegoat for bad things, video games are shed in this light today. Films and TV these days are unbelievably graphic, but they’re art forms so it’s ok. 

Video games have been proven to increase reaction times, make people more creative and increase intelligence. They help us develop socially, especially now with the advent of online gaming. Where else can you find something in common with someone on the other side of the world within 10 seconds of contact? What can be wrong with any of that? They don’t make anyone do anything with their life. They don’t make people’s choice for them.

And by God they’re fun. I fucking love video games, and if you don’t, that your problem.


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