Anger: It’s not the Issue

There is so much anger in the world. Everywhere we go, everything that is seen or done, anger is somewhere in the midst. The media would have you believe that anger is something that is unnatural and that society has declined in recent years due to anger and continued exposure to all sorts of violence. “This sort of thing didn’t happen in my day” “these young ones are all so angry about everything” is all you hear from older people. But it’s all a load of shit.

And here’s why. Anger is normal. Anger is a human emotion, that at some point EVERYONE will feel. Anger has existed as long as humans have, it has been an emotion that has shaped our history on the earth. It is healthy to feel it, accept it and move on. The issue is that most people will not accept it, will not allow themselves to feel it until it boils over and the anxiety and pent up frustration is all released in one go. It often results in horrible things happening. Sometimes people die. Anger is not the issue here though. It is how it is dealt with and how that person feels about it.

The world is full of injustice, horrible things happen to lots of people every day. Much of us in general society are down trodden and treated like shit by those hierarchically above us. There is much to be angry about. But it’s ok to feel it. Sometimes it’s ok to use it and act upon it. This is where your judgement is incredibly important, this is where you have to make the correct decisions.

I myself have had to deal with a lot of anger in my life, both my own and others. My family are all very honest and emotional and sometimes it is difficult to deal with. I myself wouldn’t allow myself to feel angry or pissed about things that I should have been. I shifted my anger onto those around me or at times strangers. I was never honest with myself. I got angry too much over the smallest of things, instead of learning how to deal with what I was REALLY angry about. About my childhood, about family issues, about my physical and mental health. I struggled to find someone or something to blame for it all and it made me angrier. Now I realise that it isn’t about finding someone to blame, or about finding a reason why. It’s just about accepting my situation, feeling your anger but not allowing it to consume you, and try to better yourself. Anger, if felt and used the right way, can be a great motivator. Don’t blame anyone, don’t blame yourself, just accept it and put it to the side. Anger should not be a thing that defines who and what you are, it’s just an emotion that we all feel.


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