The Wisdom of a Glamour Model

There is a very unfair stereotype of glamour models, that because they’re beautiful and get their tits out for a living everyone expects them to be blubbering idiots and bimbos. I know this not to be true due to a wonderful publication I read called Front Magazine.  I follow a few of their “Front Girls” on Twitter and started following another model who is an acquaintance of a Front Girl, mainly because she is pretty and has tattoos and I enjoy that.

Anyway, this Model, who I shall not name, tweeted something very insightful the other day. I took note because it was incredibly fitting to my current situation.

“The sad irony in life is, it takes you to almost lose everything you love/care about to change & do right for yourself & people around you.”

I am in that position at the minute, I’ve lost most everything I love and care about and it took this to get me to sort myself out. I got told recently that I have changed a lot in the last year. I guarantee that I have changed more in the last 5 weeks than I did in that year. I didn’t change, just the old me disappeared under a veil of hopelessness and unhappiness. I became this anxious, depressed, paranoid, no self-esteem having person and was so different to what I was before. I’ve always had problem with anger but it’s been much worse for that last year. Not now. It’s amazing what determination and hope can do for you. In the last two weeks in particular I’ve started to feel like me again. The old me is in the midst of kicking the shit out of that dick who’s been running and ruining my life for nigh on 12 months. I’m still the same person underneath it all. Hopefully soon it won’t be “underneath it all”, I’ll be me again.


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