Tis the Season and All that Balls

People say Christmas is a great time of year. The anticipation of the event, especially if there are kids in your family, is palpable for about a month before it comes. I wish I loved Christmas as much as some other people but I really realllllllllly don’t. 

The immediate post-Halloween Christmas Decorations really get to me. Christmas is not a celebration of Christ, or a family celebration. It has no link to it’s primal fore bearer of the Old Celtic Traditions (where we get the tree and gift giving from). It’s has turned into a capitalist scam to get as much money as possible out of every poor fucker (including me) who falls into the materialistic rat trap that has become Christmas.

I tend to spend a fortune every year. I have three nephews and a niece, all bar one of whom were born within two and a half weeks of Christmas, it is a fucking nightmare. Although I actually love giving gifts to people. I love seeing joy on the face of someone when I hit the target on what they would like. I’m not a huge fan of receiving gifts, mainly because I feel guilt if someone has spent what I consider to be too much money on me.

My political leanings (I am an out and out socialist) mean that Christmas is completely soulless to me now. I have traditions I stick to, I always get to see my friends on Xmas eve, I have friends I don’t see that much that always make the effort to come for a drink with me. I have one particular friend from school who lives in England, and it’s brilliant getting to see him and have a laugh over Christmas, as we reminisce over the time I scored the greatest Goal ever against a team who were meant to be much better than us (not to blow my own trumpet, but it really was fucking amazing). I love Christmas dinner, I love spending quality time with people close to me, but I hate all the pressure that is put upon everyone in Society by this now bloated festival that has it’s basis in religious celebration.

It’s the time of year when you really get to see how our society is ruled by money and by materialism. It can also be a lonely time too. I often feel lonely around Christmas, and I think this one coming will be the worst for a while. I just hope that I, and all of you, come through it unscathed and with only a hint of a hangover. Although it wouldn’t be Christmas day if I wasn’t hanging like Sly in Cliffhanger. It’s the one thing I can always depend on.


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