A Warning

I always toyed with the idea of a blog but never got around to it. I was never particularly gifted at writing any kind of prose and I never thought I’d have anything interesting to say. But then I thought, fuck it, I would like some people who bother reading this to try and understand what it’s like to live life with a bag. There is very little exposure of the masses to what it’s really like with bowel diseases or this disability until it affects them. Many people think it isn’t such a big thing because things like irritable bowel syndrome and the likes are common. But it is such a difficult thing to come through and deal with, so I hoped I could shine a bit of light on it for people unaware of it. I also want to talk a load of shite about other stuff, put up photos of stupid shit and make childish jokes. I will also make alot of jokes about my condition, because that’s how I deal with it. So deal with it.


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